Friday, February 25, 2005

stay in school

After the debaucle last semester, I am very happy to report that my registration for THIS semester went off without a hitch and today I attended my first session of my new 8-week accelerated Microbiology class. My goal is to be a cool science crab so that maybe I can be rich and famous -- or at least someone might say "I dunno, ask Mia -- she's the science crab*"

So far, so good. 3 hours of lecture ("why you wish you had Louis Pasteur's baby") and 3 hours of lab ("so that's why you warm a petrie dish upside-down"). My eyes are a little googly from the extended microscope use, and now exacerbated by the laptop that I am using, and I fear a nap is imminent. As it is, I came home and Ryan had to leave to deliver work and pick up other work and now I am home alone and it's cool outside and the sun is warm and not too bright and the dryer is humming and the cats are snuggly on the bed and I just kicked my shoes off and....zzzzzz

*this would be especially cool if I were someone's "lifeline" or they were answering Final Jeopardy

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