Tuesday, March 01, 2005


Today, I was online searching for a Willy Wonka impersonator (I swear it's legit and not some S&M fetish thing) and so I was browsing web page after web page of "look-a-likes" and character actors and such and I found an impersonator who "does" an old friend/acquaintance* of mine who is now a celeb**. It was very strange to see this impersonator, who in all fairness did kinda look like her, dressed up as her. I mean think about it - what if one of your friends was suddenly on lunchboxes and posters and people adored them enough to impersonate them. Weird. Plus creepy, a little.

*"definition : we spoke at events and she was very close with good friends of mine - we did not have slumber parties or carpool or split a BFF charm necklace or anything. We were friendly with one another and that's the extent of it.
**I don't want to be labeled as a 'name dropper' or for people to think that I am somehow more important than I am (because I swear I'm not!) and if you think you know who I mean : no, you can't meet her. I haven't spoken to her in something like 7 years and honestly, now that she is Big Time, I seriously doubt she'd remember me

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