Monday, February 07, 2005

big sister little weekend

This weekend, my parent high tailed it to Las Vegas for SuperBowl Central, so I had the little dude all weekend. It was kind of fun, but very tiring and now I am sick as a friggin dog. Long story short : be nice to your mom.

We spent Friday night out at the BMX track, where little bro races. It was actually very fun, if not freezing. I took some pictures, but haven't uploaded them yet. We got home late and then had to get up early on Saturday to get the Dude to the karate dojo by 9am for his ass-kickin' lesson. After that, we headed off to Disneyland, where again it was very fun, but pretty cold. We came home around 11pm, because it was so cold and we had gone on the rides that we wanted to go on anyway and Dude insisted that we see Napoleon Dynamite - although we fell asleep about 20 minutes into it. Very funny, but I was already feeling bleh and after 10 hours on my feet in line for roller coasters, I was beat. Sunday I felt like someone ran me over with a truck and I barely dragged myself into the shower (which totally wiped out my energy) before we had to head back to the BMX track for the next Moto [p.s. I don't care about SuperBowl]. A couple of hours outdoors in the freezing cold and that sealed it -- I am now extremely sick.

I went to the doctor this morning and she gave me a buttload of antibiotics and so I am working from home today, in between naps and popsicles. Apparently, Styro is doing the same.

The upside is that I had a good inspiration for a story this weekend and didn't have any time to work on it and now I do.

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