Thursday, February 03, 2005


There was much chaos and anxiety at work yesterday as the Big Bosses called in the little people for a series of drown-you-in-information meetings where they explained about the restructuring and how excited they were for the company. I'd link to the press releases* but seriously, you'd die of boredom even looking at the hyperlinks.

FYI peeps : Strategic Alignment = Layoffs

So by the end of the day, my goose was cooked and I just wanted to get home. I took a quick detour to the used bookstore and picked up a few** books that I have been wanting to get my hands on. I swung into Togo's to get some sammies and headed home against the crazy Santa Ana winds. If you have never experienced the Santa Ana winds, they are very strong and hot and DRY winds that sort of come and go. 1,000 miles an hour - and then nothing. They may last for an hour or a day or gust on/off for a week - who knows? So your hair is standing on end and full of static and your armpits are sweaty from the heat and your lips feel like they are going to crack right off your face because they are so dry and if you put on lip gloss then your hair sticks to them... it's a whole process, believe me.

I get home, we shovel in some turkey sandwiches and curl up on the couch and pop in the Curb Your Enthusiasm DVD set. Can I just say that I love that show? We are poor kids who can't afford HBO, but we got the DVD set for Christmas and watch it all the time. We also got the Seinfeld DVD set, and it's very interesting to watch them back to back and to be able to see Larry David 'speaking' in Seinfeld.

Dear Yahoo,
I greatly appreciate that you give me a free email account, with which I can contact old friends and acquaintances. However, when I am waiting for a response from an old friend, I would sincerely appreciate if when I sign in and you announce "you have ONE NEW MESSAGE!" and I get a little excited that you do not deflate my pathetic little ego by having only a spam message about Yahoo! Personals in my mailbox.

*I work for a very large Forbes 50 company that is in the technology sector, so we are under constant scrutiny by Wall Street
**I went to and searched by the word 'Tis as the title of the book that I purchased and disposable thong underwear was the second item that came up in the search. Ew! and Why?!

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