Wednesday, February 09, 2005

pick your poison

what is the worst part about being sick?

  • the endless buckets of snot inside my head
  • coughing uncontrollably
  • sore throat
  • inability to breathe
  • inability to sleep
  • the weary eyes from laying in bed for 3 days, reading books
  • forcing yourself to watch the train wreck that is the Ashlee Simpson show, because she's giving "her side" of the SNL snafu
  • then resigning to the fact that you are a big ass loser and watch Newlyweds too and sneer the whole time that she doesn't know the word pheasant and can't read his romantic anniversary card
  • when the roofers show up unannounced and slam their ladder outside your window and leave you diving under the covers with your book to hide and squeal
  • when people at work who have events that are more than a month away insist on emailing you a hundred times and call your cell phone to "get started" with the planning because they just CAN'T wait until tomorrow, when you might be able to breathe and form a coherent sentence

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