Wednesday, January 19, 2005

lovey dovey

Thank you to everyone who posted, emailed, and IMed me to share your love and support (and special thanks to Dan for pulling some strings with God). It really means a lot to me.

I wanted also to clarify about my uncle, from the last post. He's my jerk-ass uncle that no one really likes. He's the guy that married my aunt - not a blood relative or anything like that. He's been separated from my aunt for a while now, and we all could care less about him. It was just that at the same time my brain started aching, he went into surgery and so my mom insists on associating the two. So thank you again to everyone who sent your sympathies and your happy energies to me, but just for the record, I am not upset about the uncle. But I'll take your love anyway. :-)

To sort of steer this blog back on track, I will have a 2nd post later today, once I formulate my thoughts.

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