Monday, January 17, 2005

miss cherie

One of my favorite Motorsoule songs says "Misery loves company/and she's happy go lucky with me". 'nuff said.

My face feels slightly better, although no one knows if it is a sign of improvement or not. It's more numb than cold, which is still just as strange. I saw the neurologist today and she says that she thinks that my face looks uneven, like it may be getting worse. She has ordered up an MRI and a full blood panel, to see if maybe my blood is too thick and causing trouble. She says that she suspects that I have had a tiny stroke in a small blood vessel that is causing very temporary problems (my numb face) and that it wouldn't necessarily be seen on the CT, but should show up on an MRI. If she doesn't see that on the MRI, then her other culprit is a spasming blood vessel (like a muscle twitch) that is causing these symptoms. Either way, she is pretty certain it is temporary and not really long-term damage. I suppose that's good news. I'm not particularly scared, but my mom is a wreck, especially since my uncle was diagnosed with a brain tumor last week and when they went in to operate today, they found it is inoperable and he only has a short time to live. The thing that is irking me is that Ryan finally came down with a mild case of Baby Fever this weekend (at our friend's baby's 1st birthday party, where we found out that 2 other friends are having a baby) and I need to act quickly! It's like a QVC special - I may only have 48 minutes left to take up this deal! ;-) The doc says that I shouldn't be doing anything to elevate my heart rate or increase my blood pressure until after the MRI. No excercise. No sexercise.

In the event that this stupid numbness is my eventual demise, I went and had my hair cut this weekend. Cut short and dyed dark red. I've been wearing it really teased out (fortunately there are high winds this week, so no one knows the difference) because that's how I feel. And plus, you can't tell a girl who just might die that she looks bad. Ha!!

and please, let me say it here for the record : if I die, cremate me and dump my ashes anywhere. Do NOT spend money on a casket or stupid flowers or anything like that. Seriously, take whatever money you were going to spend on flowers and buy yourself a Target gift card or something. Hide it away for a day when you need something and think of me, ok? If you don't, I'll totally haunt Dakota Fanning.

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