Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Halloweems VI

I am totally thrown off by 1) late nights, early mornings 2) going to
bed at 7am 3) waking up at 11am 4) time change

...but in the end, it was all worth it. Thanks to Joe, John, & Dave for
hosting "Halloweems VI" at their house on Saturday. It was a great
party and I am still suffering all the after-effects. The devil's lair
was complete with unabashed debauchery on every level... needless to
say many boobs (and boobings tips) were seen in quantities that was
only offset by the quantities (in liquid ounces, of course) of vomit.
Not by me (I have my No Fun Mia reputation to maintain!) but by several
other partygoers.

I have posted my pictures href+http://giddygirlie-halloweems.buzznet.com/user/">here, and I
am working on posting the rest of my belated pictures from the Cayucos
Tavern and other miscellaneous adventures.

Fortunately for me, I have taken Monday off from work for a much-needed
(and well deserved, I might add!) break, so I get to sleep in late
tomorrow and recouperate another day. If I get the chance, I'm going to
haul Ryan's butt over to Disneyland for a spin through the Haunted
Mansion and then over to ride the Tower of Terror, so that it feels
like an official day of fun. More than likely, I will fail at waking up
before p.m. hours and after washing several loads of laundry will
succumb to the "back to work tomorrow" blues and spend the rest of the
day trying to squeeze a summer's worth of entertainment into the last
few hours of my night. typical.

Happy Halloween everyone!

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