Thursday, November 04, 2004

get the vote out

I will be on my way to the polls here in a few minutes. I hope that you have all found your way there too.
In case you haven't heard, there is at least one prostitute in Nevada (who called in to the Howard Stern show this morning) that is offering favors in exchange for voting for John Kerry. Since there is no way to know who someone voted for, she said that she will "hold a gentleman to his word" and accepts your voter registration card and/or "I voted" sticker as proof of a cast ballot. When asked what favors a person might ask for, she advised that she is giving away 15 minute sessions, and anything goes. She also has imposed a max. of 25 people for the day.
When asked how she can offer services like that, especially over the radio, she reminded Howard that she is allowed to have sex with anyone she wants, anywhere, any time, just like the rest of us. However, if someone wants to extend their free promotion and pay out of their own pocket, she will charge the regular hourly rate, which is taxable in Nevada.
Some people will really go the extra mile for their candidate...

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