Monday, November 22, 2004

all in all we had a ball

Today Ryan met me at work for lunch, which in reality means that he made himself subject to my dragging around town from store to store, in search of goodies and supplies and keyboard locks and gift certificates. It turned out to take waaaaay longer than anticipated, thanks to the kindly folks at Krispy Kreme, who had pre-processed my 100 certificate order and then for some unexplainable reason deleted it all back out, so that when I arrived at the store, they offered me a donut and promised that it would take 15 minutes to input the data. 2 hours later, I was on my way.
With nothing more than a donut and an iced tea in my system for the day, you can say I am a little out of sorts. Which in reality means super exhausted but overly giggly. Now that I am down from my sugar high, the only thing that I can remember for 100% certain that I really laughed at a lot was : an ice cream truck* that plays the theme song from the Halloween movies. Is it really that funny? Don't ask me!
I promise to have a "real" post for you soon - tonight maybe? I have some things in the works and I am totally distracted by making holiday cards, Christmas presents, writing three new stories, reading three new books and laughing about ice cream trucks.
Instead, things that made me laugh this weekend :
  • watching the crazy lady downstairs try and sweep the leaves off her walkway, while the wind was swirling up a mess
  • the Incredibles
  • walking around the house Saturday night with a flashlight clipped to my pajama pants, because the weather was so bad that I was sure that the power would go out. Instead of going to bed, I stayed up watching movies until 4am, waiting for the power to go off... I am an idiot
  • channeling past Passion of the Christ on TV while listening to Anthrax
  • making a joke regarding the Anthrax/Passion connection, similar to the Dark Side of the Moon/Wizard of Oz connection**
  • Joe Weems is a crazy cat lady, now having 4 cats, 2 of which are sequestered in his bedroom
*side note : did I ever tell you about the pirate ice cream truck that I saw? Or my neighbor that drives a hearse?
**you have to be pretty stoned, but this really does work

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