Monday, November 29, 2004

my life, the soap opera

Ryan has finally convinced me to sit down and start penning the days of my life, which are exactly as they sound : cheesy soap opera.
We had a lot of campy drama and shocking cliff hangers, tossed in with equal parts humor and turkey this weekend. It was an interesting concoction, to be sure, but each story is pretty interesting in its own right. At least, Ryan thinks it is.
Anyway, I am already preparing to be committed if I take on one more stupid project, but I am really rolling this one around in my head... I think I want to take it on.
I am hoping that after I decorate the Xmas tree/shop/bake/cook/clean/host company/knit 3 scarves/sew a blanket/embroider a sweatshirt/make your present this week I will find a moment or two to revamp the ol' website, which has really needed some attention for a while now. The new site will have a story section, but I am not sure yet how it will all be laid out... hmm...
Until then, I will post a few at a time on my writing project site : [I know the side bar is jacked, I will address it shortly]. Just promise you'll still be my friend when you find out what my family is really like.

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