Monday, October 25, 2004

my brain is a mess

in the past 2 weeks I have planned (either in part or in whole) a convention, a symposium, 4 table top events, a kick off, a pep rally, an executive dinner and my normal daily events of sales facing trainings, contests, etc. For some stupid reason, I forgot to leave time for my mental meltdown.

By Friday I was a zombie. Woman can only live on 3 hours of sleep and 16 hour work days for so long! I slept away Saturday and felt guilty and icky and hated the fact that by the time I took my bath it was dark outside. Sunday was supposed to be my fun day. Ryan and I planned to go to Disneyland to renew our annual passes, which we did, but in the middle of the 2.5 hour line I realized that Jennifer's birthday was Thursday and in my stupor I had totally forgotten to call her and wish her a happy day... I feel like such a chump.

It's the little things that pull you through :

me : do we have any more of that hot sauce left?
him : no
me : really? we had like 200 packets.
him : i've been masturbating a lot lately

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