Monday, October 18, 2004

blessed and bewitched

This weekend I got to spend some quality squeeze time with my niece, Molly, who is the most lovely child to ever set foot on this earth. No offense to your nieces, but mine clearly is the raddest of them all! I brought her a Zero headband from Disneyland, which was a little big for her dainty skull, but she enjoyed it anyway. I also took her a video copy of the Scary Godmother movie - I hope you all caught it on Cartoon Network last week! - that she loved. I knew she would... Jill Thompson is a super rad artist and I lurve me some Scary Godmother comics. Now I am going to send Molly the comics, so she can catch up on all the Scary Godmother stories, which are too cute.

This weekend while we were visiting family we also took a quick detour to see our friend Kevin play with his new band, the Cadillac Angels, who are this rockabilly/surf band that was, as Styro would say, le rad. Kevin rocks you like a hurricane with his stand-up bass and looks 10 times as cool doing it!! I have pictures that I will post tomorrow. The bar was also the coolest bar I have ever been to. The Old Cayucos Tavern is plucked straight outta bonanza. It's all wood and decked out in western gear, with a poker game in the back room. My favorite part was the cork ceiling. They have a tradition that anyone new to the bar takes a $1 bill and sticks a thumbtack in it and throws it at the ceiling. If it sticks, you'll have good luck (and they have your buck). I took some pictures of the ceiling, which will post tonight with everything else.

Man alive, I am tired though... long weekend of visting, rocking hard core, and driving driving driving...

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