Thursday, October 14, 2004

at the stroke of midnight

It's dark by 7pm now. It's cold-ish by 5:30pm now. It's less warm at 12pm now. People are wearing long sleeves. I even saw a jacket last weekend. This means that by the week's end I will go into winter hibernation, also know to some as "robot mode", taking with me my list of crafts and people I hold dear.
Between now and April, you can find me curled on the end of the couch, blanket over my froze toes, and with a lapful of thread and yarn and beads and notions of all sorts. I will sew and knit and darn and embroider and glue and paint and glitter and every other imaginable craft project that can be completed on a coffee table or a lap at the end of the couch.
Be forewarned : I am already thinking of projects to make you - yes, you - and if you don't like odd shaped pocketbooks painted with scooters or scarves with tattered pirates, you'd better speak up now! Don't be shy about special requests... better than ending up with a stripey sock monkey that you hate, right?

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