Friday, September 24, 2004


A typical night for Ryan & I usually ends with us collapsing in laughter and saying something similar to "thank god we have each other - who else would laugh at our jokes or put up with our idiocy?"
We have several running jokes that we exploit like we're 11. Things like the blatant overuse of the hypno toad gag from Futurama (which was what it was last night) or making up songs that end in "a-doo-la" (Family Guy joke). Last night I realized that we aren't quite right, when I went to brush my teeth and decided that it would be very funny to draw in thick eyebrows, like Ryan's, to show him the potential ugliness of our future daughters. I took my black eyeliner pencil and colored in these huge brows like a Marx Brother and for pizazz, I even added a unibrow. We laughed and laughed and laughed... I almost peed my pants... and then we laughed some more. The whole shenanigan concluded when I chased Ryan around the house, because he couldn't stand to look at me like that. Understandable, since I am such a sexy bitch and all.
Anyway, it makes me grateful for what I have and sad for all the other people who just regard each other and sit quietly on the couch next to each other for a movie without tickling each other's ribs or pinching their butt with your toes. I don't think I'd last long in a relationship like that... or at least, no one would have me.

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