Friday, September 24, 2004

Top of the Props

Three things :
1. Ryan's latest published book, Tomb Raider #45, was released on 9/1 and he actually has full inking credits in the book. Unfortunately, the internet press release (and even the Top Cow website) has the wrong info all around. I think the only info that's right is that Adam Hughes did the cover. I'll have to scan the book and upload it on the internet myself! So, if you need an autographed copy, I can TOTALLY hook you up! ;)
2. Ryan is also working on some illustrations for a local Psych professor who has a book that will be published later this year. I will keep you posted, so you can run out and buy it.
3. I am still stuck on what to say when I finally get around to using my audio blog. I've been trying to write some stand-up comedy routines or coordinate with Ryan to sing an acoustic version of Astro Zombies for y'all (since I still owe Jules & Miss Bliss & Dan a song). But I don't know... so why don't YOU decide what you want to hear and post it in the comments. I'll then post based on that, fair enough?

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