Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Man, sometimes my friends are just too fucking beautiful for words - do you know this? Miss Bliss, my ever-adored pal has a post that has me kicking myself for not having thought of it sooner and simultaneously kicking that conscience cricket back to the closet, so I can, borrow... the topic.
The topic : Movie Moments in your own life (for the love of everything sugary and good please go read her stories!)
One of my personal movie moments :
I went out to a concert when I was 16 with a group of friends, and seeing that his parents had the only mini van, we forced Marvin to drive, so that the rest of us wouldn't have to waste the gas money ($1 a gallon those days, folks!). So he drove happily to the show, and I rode in the back compartment with no seat with Deva and we chatted about everything, including Marvin's obvious crush on her. We giggled and the others demanded to know what we were talking about... typical teenage car ride b.s. Anyway, after the show, Marvin took each person home, one by one. Since I lived about 15 miles away from everyone else, I had driven my car to Marvin's house and so I was the only one that would complete the grand circle tour back to his house that night. Now it's about 1am and we're sweaty and tired from the mosh pit at the show. I'm giddy from exhaustion and maybe too chatty. When we finally get back to his house, we sit in the van (he's in the driver's seat and I am in the front passenger seat) and talk for probably another hour. It's really great stuff, like man doesn't that math teacher suck so hard and next year I am totally going to take econ. with Mrs. Whats-her-butt because she just hands out the A's. Now it's after 2am, and I know I need to get home. Curfew was hours ago and I can picture my mom sitting on the couch, newborn baby in hand, waiting for me to come in so she can rip me a new one. So I tell Marvin that I really have to go and thanks for driving and oh, here's that dollar I owed you for the ticket and see you tomorrow and then it happens. He starts the goodbye with a wave that isn't enough, he reaches out for my hand. After a few seconds of an awkward handshake he pulls me in close for a hug. I lightly drape one arm over his shoulder, while my other hand searches for the door handle. He tightens his grip around me and squeezes me with both arms. Then, he leans over, pushes me back in my seat - much to my surprise - and starts trying to kiss me. I turn my head away gently, still trying not to offend him, but to hint that hey dude, I really don't want to kiss you right now and he puts his whole body on top of mine and with one stroke of his left hand, he pulls the lever and reclines the chair. With both of our weights on the seat, the chair-back goes flying backward until we are perfectly horizontal and we stop abruptly, noses and chins crashing. I push him off of me and remind him that we're friends, and that's all. He reluctantly goes back to the driver's seat. "But you gotta admit, that was pretty romantic, right?"
* please don't over-analyze this and think that Marvin is a predator or a rapist or anything. He was a kid who thought that he'd make this slick move and woo the girl. Obviously, it didn't work out. Even at the time, we laughed, and we still laugh about it now.

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