Monday, August 09, 2004

lazy daisy

I could cite about 100 things just off the top of my head about how lazy I am. And I don't mean that oh my gosh I didn't wash my car this week kind of lazy or even those damn cobwebs in our 50' vaulted ceilings are piling up again kind of lazy. I mean serious lazy. Lazy like I'm-watching-this-on-TV-because-the-cat-is-asleep-on-the-remote kind of lazy.

Here's just one example :

This morning I am digging through the dryer for the matching sock to the one I have in my hand. I thrust my little monkey paw in, and snag out every pink sock that I can see... no luck. So instead of taking the laundry out of the dryer and - god forbid - folding it and putting it away, I used the side of the dryer - you know? those little parts that stick out on the barrel? - and turned it, so that the clothes tumbled over. Surely, the sock would show itself now, right? No. Tumble again... searching searching searching... aw, fuck it. Where's my other sandal?

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