Sunday, August 08, 2004

working for a living

I was thinking the other day of all the musicians that we know and who play shows at seedy dive bars and run down night clubs a couple of times a week, and although these kids have talent, they're just doing it for fun, and the $1 - $60 per show that they might be making isn't enough to pay the bills. Instead, everyone still has a day job. I was thinking of all the weird things that people do for money that doesn't all necessarily reflect the kick ass stage performances that they give. For example, some of our most rockin'-est, kick ass friends have these jobs :

  • comic book artist (guess who?)
  • mail room clerk
  • manager of a Japanese water heater company
  • appointment setter
  • taxi driver
  • long shoreman
  • tattoo artist
  • translator for Japanese comic books
  • elementary school music teacher
  • 3rd grade teacher
  • salesman
  • waiter
  • bartender
  • visuals artist
  • mortgage broker

...made me think of all the bands who have "hit it big" and what they did before they were household names. If anyone knows, by all means chime in...

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