Tuesday, August 10, 2004

"When are we gonna grow up? When are we gonna admit that we ain't goin' nowhere and we look like idiots. Jumpin' around like monkeys on a Tuesday night for free. Dreamin' of escargot and eating Chef Boyardee"

"20 hour days, 11 drink tickets - but rock-n-roll is enough to stick with it"

Yes, I am still quoting "Modesto" by Mojo Apostles. Yes, it is still in the CD player. Set on repeat. So sue me. I have a crush!

I think I also love that song because it accurately depicts my life. Between the (lame ass) fact that I eat dinner at least once a week from the Chevron - Have A Chips* & Snapple do a body good! - and that I drag my sorry self out to these shows at night just to prove that I am still young and hip and ...um... whatever. Tomorrow night, you will see me working a 7-7 shift, going out for Ryan's birthday dinner, then heading to the Liquid Den for the latest Taint travesty of a show. It's gonna be a long day, but hey... I'm young and hip. Right? RIGHT?!!

On a much more serious note, and all my self-pity aside, I have just learned that a friend of the Mojo's, Dalty, is in for some emergency surgery and has landed hisself in the hospital. The Mojos are playing shows to help raise money, so if you can make it to their shows, please do. I have half a mind to drive my stupid self up to the Bay Area, just for that reason**. Check out the Amputees website for info on their eBay auctions and other fundraisers to help Dalty. Do it because you're a good human being. Do it for me.

*no, it's not a typo... they're called "Have a Chips" and they are made by the Hare Krishnas in Laguna Beach who, suffice it to say, make themselves a mean corn chip!!
**also, I am a selfish bitch and would hardly be able to keep myself away from my favorite Bay Area Bloggers!!

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