Saturday, April 03, 2004

nerd alert

Yeah, I'm on the computer at 8pm on Saturday - wanna fight about it?

Today I spent 6 hours shopping for work. Oh, I know. Getting paid to shop and spend other people's money... it's a dream come true. But your feet still get tired. And I am more than slightly perturbed at the snooty people at South Coast Plaza. You'd think that when you plunk down $600 on gift certificates you'd at least get a 'have a nice day'. Nope. Apparently, only cash sales exceeding $15,000 make people nice to you. A-holes.

In other news, my vacation plans are finalized. Start sending in those addresses now, if you want postcards!! :) Ryan and I are taking off to Cancun on the 22nd. We're actually spending the night in Chicago before heading out to Mexico (I know, messy travel schedule) so if anyone wants to come and meet us around 11pm in Chicago, I'll bring surprises and spring for a midnight supper! :)

But fear not! We'll be home in time to shake the sand out of our towels and then head up North to Hugfest 2004 to see the Divine Miss Jules. I will be traveling with dear Miss Bliss and looking forward to meeting some of the other super cool Bay Area Bloggers who will be attending Hugfest. I promise to brush my teeth and wear deodorant, so that I am hugworthy.

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