Sunday, April 04, 2004

The Donald

The theme for this quarter's Pep Rally is "The Apprentice" and so it was my job to find the clothes and accessories for the event. One of the most important pieces to the ensemble for The Donald was, obviously, the hair. I set out to find a wig for The Donald - no easy task, I assure you. I ended up finding a Duke wig that had a curly ponytail in the back and a slight pomp to the front of the hair. I prayed that it was going to work... then I sat Ryan down, made him Don the wig (pun intended) and started styling. The end result was this. I cut off the pony tail (anyone have a use for a curly ponytail?) and styled the hair with a comb over in the front.

I hope that the people at work like it. I couldn't find anything blonde enough or bald enough... so it's not an exact replica, but hey for $22 I think I did alright. What do you think?

p.s. I nearly peed my pants when Ryan started making these faces and I had to snap a picture. We were laughing so hard and so loud that the neighbors were peeking out the windows to try and see what we were laughing at.

p.p.s. Ryan nearly cried when he saw how much he looks like Trump in the picture on the left.

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