Tuesday, April 20, 2004

chicken salad

I feel like a dunce. Is there a right way to eat a chicken salad? And not the cut-up-chicken-with-gobs-of-mayo chicken salad... but the kind with a green salad hunkered under a chicken breast.

This is how I do it :

* cut up the chicken itself [I don't know what wide-mouth bass set the precedent for 'restaurant standard bite size' but it wasn't me!]
* I fill the fork with lettuce (or other salad ingredients) and then top with a piece of chicken

But I am watching my co-workers and their strategies vary... is it an etiquette thing? A practicality thing? AM I DOING IT WRONG??

This is what they do :

* eat the chicken first, then if they have room/time, they eat the salad
* eat the salad first, pick out the best of the greens and eat them before the warm chicken wilts them
* demand at least 2 more sides of ranch dressing, because who are you kidding with this skimpy portion?

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