Friday, April 30, 2004

here and then gone...

Sorry that I had to run outta here so fast last week that I didn't get to say goodbye to everyone. I didn't bother paying $1 per minute for internet access just to say "dude, it's rad". I really didn't have anything good to say... but I had SUCH a great time.

The weather was sunny and humid and hot and wonderful. Cancun is beautiful, the white sand on the beach was amazing. The local people are great, and we met some REALLY awesome people while we were there. It was a really good time. We are already planning our next trip - and ALL of you are invited. Seriously, you will love it. We'll get a sunburn and drink Scooby Doo shots and eat watermelon on the beach. Trust me, you'll like it.

I leave again tomorrow morning for Hugfest 2004, courtesy of Dear Jules, then I'll be back on Sunday night.

Sigh, Monday is going to be hard.... who wants to go back to work after all this?!

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