Saturday, April 17, 2004

But really, I AM in a good mood

Ok, so I have been absent from Blogsylvania lately. I have just been so busy with work and... um... work that when I get home at night 1) I have nothing worth posting 2) I am too tired to post 3) I fall asleep until 10pm when Ryan says "are you sure you don't want any dinner?"

I am a little bitter (and a little chilly) at the stupid weather today that mocks my wishing-for-summer post from yesterday. I guess it was too much to ask that I get some decent sun to soak in the week before I have to don a bathing suit. But other than that, I am a pretty happy girl. I guess.

Unless, of course, you consider my Tuesday visit to New Dentist (I dumped Dr. Bliss - no relation to my Dear Miss B - after he tried extorting me into veneers). The visit itself wasn't so bad, but the price tag. Ouch. A couple of months ago, one of my old fillings fell out. Seems simple - replace it, right? Apparently not. No one wants to put a filling back in. Instead, they suggest that I get a cap and a crown and a root canal for good measure. All at the lofty price tag of $1,400 - and that's AFTER my insurance coverage. The rest of my filling replacements and restorations will total $6,000 when I am finished. The fillingless tooth takes priority, but I'm torn. How much do I like that tooth anyway? Who would know if it was gone? Or silver? Why can't they just do the root canal (only $200 out of pocket) and put a filling back in? Make a patch temporarily until I can panhandle enough money to cover the rest? Nope, no one is willing to budge. Sigh. My mom called her dentist who said that he will take me as a cash patient and do the whole thing for $900. Good price, but do I have $900? No. Dammit, I just blew my savings (and the cable payment - shh!) on my vacation, so I am outta disposable cash. A line of credit? Ha. My $3,000 of credit card debt makes me ineligible for a cash loan, even though it's too small to qualify for a debt loan. Even if I eat nothing but Top Ramen from now until 2009, I don't think I will have any money left over for dental work. And considering that New Dentist wants me to get this done immediately (he offered to clear his schedule do I can come in tomorrow), I'm left to freak out about money and stupid teeth on my vacation.

What this means to the casual observer, of course, is that I will be skimming the pennies out of the pond at the zoo and not showing anyone my right upper first molar, lest anyone see the hole left from the missing filling. So, please, don't ask to see it.

I also need to dye my hair. I just dyed it 2 weeks ago, and the roots are already showing!! WTF? Why does my hair grow so fast, except for the bangs, which are taking their sweet ass time growing out. I am reconsidering the grow-out, lemme tell you... I may be sporting the Baby Bettie bangs again soon, 'cause I am not patient enough to deal with this. Anyway, I am trying to think of something creative to do with my hair. After all, Mexico and Hugfest have notoriously high standards. Plus, I look dumb in hats.

With the way this week has been going... before you know it, I'll be bald and toothless. Sigh. But I swear, I am in a good mood.

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