Sunday, February 22, 2004

the power of Target

If you had to choose one store to shop at for the restof your life, and it was the ONLY store that you could ever shop at again, what would you choose?

For me, it's Target. Target makes me wish I were rich. Target makes me overdraw my bank account. I would become a whore to support my Target habit.

Today, I walked out with a box of Cheez-its (Ryan's choice, actually), 2 blouses (work-appropriate too! bonus!!), cat food, 2 cookie sheets, a pyramid shaped cheese grater, Ziploc plastic containers, and a big ol' container of grape juice - $30!! Thirty dollars, people! Where else can you get new clothes (yay!), snackies (woo hoo!), cat food (meow!), tupper mail containers (lollipops by mail!), kitchen ware (cheese puffs, anyone?), and a little something to wash it all down with? No where! Nothing compares with Target!! And don't give me that Wal-Mart or Kmart argument... they aren't the same! Nothing makes you feel better than Target... I think they pump drugs into the vents, to make you complacent. So giddy to spend your money on kitchenware and cat treats. I am unable to turn away. I can't cite a single example of walking out of Target empty handed... in fact, I probably dropped $25 while I was there, too. Damn Target. I am such a slave...

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