Monday, February 23, 2004

Creative Liberty

This weekend, Ryan and I were collaborating on some ideas for my website redesign. I want some mostly new artwork up, but probably will keep the cowboy theme until some other inspiration hits me (upside the head, I am sure). Ryan drew this AWESOME Giddy Girlie for me that I am just in love with... it's a little risque, maybe a touch saucy, way cute, and weirdest of all - it's me.

The curves are soft, the hair flips under the ears, the tattoos are in all the right places. Of course, we took a few creative liberties on the piece... I am not that perfect... but it's reasonably accurate. I'll say that much. I personally really like the picture, and after we have it finalized in a few days, I am sending it off to the mercy of Brad to be colored.

But it begs the question : do YOU want to see a picture that is a little risque, a touch saucy, way cute, reasonably accurate, and of me??

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