Saturday, February 21, 2004

His Name..... is Futurama!

Ok, I admit. I am a total loser. I get WAY too much enjoyment from television sometimes. Especially when served to me in cartoon form after 11pm. I schedule my life around the 11pm episode of Family Guy and the 11:30pm episode of Futurama on Cartoon Network. Adult Swim rules my life. Late night snacking may take place between 10pm-11pm, but no later. All manner of sex and stimulation (other than the hazy glow of TV) may take place beginning at 12am, but not one moment sooner. Well, not really, but man do I love me some cartoons!!

Blaring example of my idiocy : Wednesday night. 11:40-ish. Ryan is asleep, curled up beside me. I am laughing out loud at this episode of Futurama, where Fry wonders what life would be like if it were more like a video game. General Pac Man is leading the army against an invasion from space (Space Invaders) and oh my god, I am so dumb, but I could not stop laughing. Every time Pac Man walked across the screen, he said "wocka wocka wocka wocka". And then they moved about town through tubes and tunnels like in Mario Brothers. I laughed until I had tears in my eyes. I woke Ryan up. The cat left the room because I was bothering him. He resigned his warm space on the bed, because I am such a total idiot. I laugh out loud at things on TV. Things in cartoon form. At 11:30pm.

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