Monday, February 09, 2004

My Life, A Comedy by Miss Mia

So, Ryan is heating up some dinner rolls to accompany dinner, and decides to just place them on the oven rack. Apparently, a cookie sheet or even a piece of tin foil is too involved. Round about 30 seconds later, one of the tiny rolls falls to the oven floor, touching the coil and burning like hell fire. Oh, it was lovely. Indoor barbeque, complete with the wailing of the smoke detector... just perfect.

So, we open the patio door to alleviate the smoke house atmosphere and I ask him "you didn't use a pan? So it just fell on the coil?" As he nods his head slowly, like the total nerd that he is, and just then someone outside rides by and honks their bike horn. You know, that clown-car horn "whonka whonka". Timing was immaculate. We laughed like idiots for like 5 minutes straight.

After dinner, I am coiled up on the couch knitting and my foot starts to fall asleep. I stand up to adjust and am balancing on one leg, shaking my foot. "what are you doing?" "shake-shake-shakin' it like a polaroid picture" Someone across the street yells "woooooooo hooooooo!" like a teenage boy seeing his first boobie show. Seeing as how we're on the second floor, they couldn't have seen me... but I did a little curtsey and we laughed anyway.

Later, I ask him if he gave Evan* the Gushers that I bought just for him. He looks at me sheepishly and says "I thought they were for the whole family. I ate them." "All of them? There were like 10 packs in there" More sheepish grins. *sigh* "Ok, well then you guys can have the pirate candies that I made for my friends this weekend, since I forgot to mail them on Saturday. "Um, we ate those too" "ooookaaaay"

I apologize to everyone who is due a pirate treat or two or nine... I will remake as soon as I can. But, you see, they ate the white chocolate too! Argh! What the heck is wrong with these boys?! I have a new recipe for cherry flavored suckers... who's game? Email me your address... I want to try out the recipe this week and need human guinea pigs!

*Happy Birthday Evan (pictured at left)

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