Thursday, February 12, 2004

Mish Mash, but I love you...

Thanks to Styro for the link (left). I finally found the Valentine's Day gift that expresses how I really feel. :)

This week I am starting a new piece to my website, a page with my Diet Tips. I am making a real effort to improve my health this year, so that I can be in pristine condition for surf season! Wooo!! Ok, sorry, I get a little excited 'bout summer. Anyway, I am a finicky eater and a bitchy person in general, and I figured that if I would eat it then ANYONE would like it.

I also wanted to thank Choppa for the blast from the past.... Oregon Trail. Oh man, I LOVED that game! Even back in the day with the Apple IIe, I rocked the house. As my homage to a dear friend and a kick ass game, I give you all this.

Sorry this post is so disjointed... my brain is really scrambled right now. I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day! I hope that you spend time doing something that you love... watch TV, take a hot bath, rent a saucy movie, eat a chocolate cake, smooch a strange boy in a darkened bar.... whatever it is, take care everyone. xoxo

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