Friday, January 09, 2004


My cat, Monkey, has an unnatural obssession. With curling ribbon. No, not like the cute cartoon cats. He doesn't want to chase or play with it. He eats it.

Is curling ribbon good for a cat to eat? Not at all. It's totally indigestible. What's worse, it can get caught up in their intestines and cause a blockage, which requires surgery or could cause death. This is why it's banned from my house. Our holiday gifts were wrapped in paper and maybe material ribbon... no curling ribbon to be seen. No one brings gifts to our house with curling ribbon on them, knowing Monkey's fascination.

So imagine my surprise when I came home last night to a chatty kitty who was talking up a storm (a sure sign of a guilty conscience in my household)... and the numerous puddles of cat barf scattered around. Oh, it was lovely. Each pile was... well, gross... but was topped with a small piece of white curling ribbon, twisted into a fancy bow. Disgusting.

Basically, I spent my entire night last night with a can of carpet cleaner and approximately 6,000 paper towels, mopping up the mess. Ew. It's not all glamour over here, like you may have thought...

The Culprit

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