Friday, January 09, 2004

Pan Asks... I Answer

1) In the last 3 years how long (Alaskan trekking expeditions excepted) have you gone without washing your hair?
2 days
2) How long past its sell-by is the oldest item in your fridge?
the fridge is pretty bare right now... we haven't been around much. Although I wanted to bake some cornbread the other night and realized that the eggs weren't stamped with a 'sell by' date on them... and we couldn't remember when we bought them. It was probably around Thanksgiving, though. Ew.
3) How many items are there on your bedroom floor that shouldn?t be there?
too many to count... the laundry pile has recently merged with the suitcases that need to be put away pile and then the misc. junk box spilled last night, plus my craft boxes are out too... you have to be a tightrope walker to get through there right now. That's my weekend project : clean the bedroom
4) How long do you go before cleaning behind the U-bend?
I'm not quite sure what the heck a U-bend is, so.... (I think it's a case of elevator/lift syndrome)... if you're talking about the one under the sink (that's a U-something or other, right?) then virtually never. I mean the things under the sink have a manner of organization to them... but I don't think I've ever dusted under there or anything...
5) The patter of tiny feet tell you the mice are back. How long till you can be bothered to put down traps / poison?
There are a lot of field mice i our area, but right where we are, we don't really get mice... plus, we have cats, so I suppose that's a deterrent all its own... however, we have ANTS like you wouldn't believe. I've seen a couple of them creeping around the sink lately... I squish 'em on site... we DON'T want another situation like last spring... oh god, they made trails 4 inches thick across the carpet, through the house and into- get this - the closet. No food, no water. Just stinky shoes and work clothes. ???
6) The cast of Will & Grace are coming over for supper. How long will you take to clean beforehand? How long should you take?
I don't know why they'd take a shine to me, but all the same, I love playing hostess. For people that I don't know well, I'd spend a considerable amount of time cleaning... maybe days... or maybe I'd hire a maid to do it right. It would probably take about 6 weeks o get my place into "good" shape, I fear.
7) There?s a dead computer monitor in the corner of the bathroom. How long will it take you to have it disposed of?
the one in the corner of the bedroom has been there... oh geez... 10 months already. Every time I look at it I think about how I am taking it right to the thrift store...
8) How long do you go before cleaning the kitchen floor
Personally? I can go as long as it takes... Ryan, on the other hand, can hardly wait 2 days... he loves that Swiffer
9) Carrying the laundry, a pair of worn socks falls off in the hall. How long can they stay there without feeling an urge to pick them up?
I would probably stop right there and pick it up
10) How long can a saucepan of vegetable soup remain covered and undisturbed on top of the stove?
1 day
11) You see a cockroach. How long till you?re on the phone to the bug man?
12) Do you have dirt under your fingernails right now?
no, I'm not that grungy!

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