Monday, January 12, 2004

I just want to squeeze all of you...

I had a long day at work, suffering through the start of a migraine and then...

an email from Miss Bliss, giving me permission to kidnap her and sweep her away to the Bay Area for Hugfest 2004

a fun note from The Mighty Jimbo - can't wait to hear all about his new fat ride!

a great chat with Senorita Choppa about the fun of being a preschool teacher

a note in the mailbox from the hottest Scooter Chick who ever rode a Vespa in a skirt - and in sub-zero temperatures

a stack of kick ass postcards from New York from my high society pal, IA

a pair of great new books from the greatest. lady. ever., Jules, that have inspired me to read 3 books at once

... I don't know if it's the pain in my skull, the migraine pills, the sheer exhaustion or the pure admiration, but I just want to hug and squeeze all of you. I love you too much... although the room is spinning, so I need to go lay down. xoxo

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