Tuesday, October 07, 2003

[elevator music plays]

I was cracking up reading Jules' post today about being put on hold. It sucks.

I work in the Travel Industry and you always spend a good portion of your day on hold. Waiting for hotels, car companies, limo services, airlines... it sucks.

The only exception is waiting for JetBlue. Their hold message is something like this :

"Thank you for holding. We know you have better things to do and you'd rather not wait for us, so we really appreciate your hanging in there. Why don't people like being put on hold? They like to be held, right? Who doesn't like that cozy feeling of being held in someone's arms? So don't think of it as being on hold, but rather as being held. There, isn't that better? Thanks for waiting and we're glad that you stuck around. We're enjoying holding you"

They are always so much fun. They gave us a bunch of these to give to our travelers... a big hit.

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