Tuesday, October 07, 2003

New York, NY it's a hell of a town!

Attention all you NYers!

I will be traveling to your fair city in December and I need help planning my trip! I don't know what to see/do and I need advice!

This is my plan so far : get on a plane in LA. Land in NY (either JFK or LGA)

I am researching hotels for under $150 a night... it looks like everything has shared bathrooms. I'll pass. Does anyone know of any hotels that aren't too out of the way and/or disgusting? Some of the ones that I have found that have decent rates (Pennsylvania Hotel, etc.) seem OK and are in the Garment District in Midtown. Is that easily accessible by train/bus/taxi to the rest of Manhattan?

Basically, we want to see the holiday decorations... maybe visit Rockafeller Center, do some shopping, etc. I'm not crazy about the Statue of Liberty Tour or the Empire State Bldg. Maybe the MOMA... something like that.


(I am happy to send you presents for your help!)

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