Monday, August 04, 2003


I'm sure everyone has heard of by now, but I am a slow starter and just tried it. It's interesting, insulting, demeaning and hilarious. I suggest it for anyone with a good sense of humor.

Here are some of my favorite results :

mia is?? what others think
mia is £7
mia is missing?
mia is a fisting slut
mia is set for florida
mia is just mad that she drives a ford
mia is a "missionary" of the country genre
mia is back for her lesson two where she wants to learn to take two hands in her ass
mia is not pow
mia is slim enough to wear size eight clothes [ed. note : I'd like to kiss whoever says this about me ;)]
mia is stripping
mia is taking charge of the dog lovers club till friday
mia is a cute little mouse who is a bit of a tomboy
mia is like being able to travel inside a cartoon
mia is made up of two components
mia is the story of a cute energetic upbeat little mouse that is looking for the ingredient to make a remedy that will heal her sick grand mother
mia is an arts &crafts extravaganza that offers activities from drawing and painting to shape play [I think this one is my favorite]
mia is more secure and mellow than tali

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