Saturday, August 27, 2011

Snuggle Up Saturday

Taking a break from catching up on the break that I took.... um, yeah. I thought I'd share some pictures of Rocket, who is hands-down the biggest snuggle hound I've ever seen.

This picture is from the day we brought him home. He would go exploring and then run back for me to hold him.

The picture on the left is one of his first days living with us, when I'd sleep in the Office with him at night. The one on the right is 2 months later and my throat is still his favorite place to sleep.

L: 11/29/10, R: 9/18/10

Then he wanted to be held ALL the time, so I pioneered the Kitty Sling!

Kitty Sling(tm) mobile version

No fancy apparatus is required, just a warm pair of arms.

sleepy buddies

He's also learned that if he snuggles in juuuuuust right that Ruckus will let him be the Little Spoon.

He tries to fight it but sometimes Ruckus likes a snuggle pal

But with these guys, you can't just snuggle one! Ryan was holding Ruckus (who enjoys being held, too) and Rocket got jealous and jumped up on top of the pile.

my family

Sometimes, snuggling is uncomfortable. But it's the price you pay!


It's super worth it!


The problem with snuggling is this: Rocket has no boundaries. In this picture, I am working in my home office. I am talking on a conference call and taking notes and he is taking a bath. He's licking his feet and displaying is butt in my face with no regard for the fact that I am trying to be SERIOUS.

Current status: I'm on a conference call with a cat bathing in my lap

His favorite is when he gets to snuggle with everyone at once. This is a lazy Sunday morning with the whole family (not pictured, Ruckus who sleeps near the foot of the bed).

Lazy Sunday morning

He doesn't care at all that I'm trying to crochet (that's what the pile of yellow and blue is in the background), he just wants to be held ALL DAY LONG.

Rocket snuggly

And when I can't hold him or need my arms, he's happy to burrow into my shirt. He's like a baby kangaroo.

My Joey

typical Rocket

Once he gets situated inside my shirt, he'll usually bite my chin lightly (his version of kissing) and then settle in and go to sleep. The bottom picture is from Thursday and he slept like this for more than an hour.


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