Friday, March 25, 2011

Emerald City Comicon

Oh man, March has been busy! I finally got a chance to upload my pictures from Seattle, so... better late than never, right?

This was our first time attending ECCC and it was a fantastic show! The people were great, the venue was lovely - everything was wonderful! Ryan was the belle of the ball and got to meet some of his idols and rub elbows with the glitterati of comic books -- the comiceratti? A good time was had by all!

our table at ECCC
Ryan ended up sharing my table, unexpectedly, so we were a little squished. Good thing he's flexible! Badump-ching!

I made the space needle for ECCC
I bought a kit at Michael's to make a wooden version of what I thought was the Space Needle. Upon reading the package I realized it was a tower in Kuala Lumpur. Oops. So I made some modifications, and now it's the Space Needle!

New: Stay Puft and Slimer

Supercube Robin by Calamity Jon
Our neighbor was Calamity Jon who I recognized from This American Life. He says "oh yeah, I was the guy with the worst answer ever." (When asked which super power he'd want, the ability to fly or be invisible, he chose flight so that he could help people. Ira Glass laughed at his altruism. But I can vouch for him: Calamity Jon is a NICE GUY and he'd totally save you.) Jon was making these little cube dudes at his table and I swiped Robin before anyone else had the chance. Robin sat sentry on the Space Needle all weekend, protecting us from evildoers!

Wonder Woman!
Best costume, worst photo: Wonder Woman made me gay for a gay man. It was a whole thing. Also, she has the best sparkly blue eyeshadow. (It's Vera Vera Ahndahvahl, a local Seattle burlesque performer who won Best in Show for this costume)

Calvin & Hobbes
A close second was the Calvin and Hobbes mom and son team. Such a smart idea! Little Batman on the left is the other son, who shyly stepped away when I asked to take a picture. Poor little Batman! We love you, too!

I met Mark - nanny nanny boo boo!
I also got to meet Mark, aka Filmresearch! He's local and a bit of a comic fan, so he came by the show and we got to chat a bit. I was sorry that it was so chaotic that we just kind of got to chat in the hallway and not really hangout. Next time, I promise!

Frankie and the Space Needle
The last day of the show, a guy came by and asked to buy my Space Needle. I was just going to throw it away recycle it, so I told him to come back at the end of the show. He took a few pictures and had a really nice camera, so I said I'd give it to him if he'd send me a picture of it, which he did. That's my giant sized Frankenstein in the foreground.

waiting for the Underground Tour
We had a few "free" hours on Monday to explore the city, so we hit up the Underground Tour. I HIGHLY recommend it. It's not just for tourists! It's a fascinating part of the city's history - one that I would never have guessed - and you actually get to go "underground" to the city beneath the street (which is a condemned area).

waiting for the Underground Tour

After that, we made a quick dash through Pike's Market and then had to head off to the airport. Time flies when you're having fun! Seattle was lovely and the show was great, so we'll definitely be back for the next one!

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