Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dapper Day at Disneyland

Recently I saw on Facebook that Justin Jorgensen had created an event called "Dapper Days" where everyone was encouraged to come to Disneyland dressed up in an homage to the park designer's wishes that everyone who attended would make Disneyland an event and destination and would, therefore, dress for the occasion. I immediately RSVP'd as did a few of my nearest and dearest pals.

Unfortunately, Kate was sick (this flu that never ends, it's the worst!), but Ellen was still able to join up -- in her vintage Pendelton dress, no less! She and her beau were in full regalia and dapper to the nines! The night before, it was POURING rain and windy like I haven't seen in a long time and I was convinced that it would be cloudy and full of puddles and so I skipped my circle skirt dress and picked something that would work with my rain proof boots. It's not very dapper, but I tried! Anyway, lo and behold, it was a gorgeous day and I looked like a ninny. Oh well, next time! Next time I will be dapper - I will dammit!

It was a truly lovely day, both sunny and a little chilly so I was able to wear my (faux) fur trimmed coat most of the day -- which is saying a LOT. If you know me, I am always warm. So a jacket, nonetheless a knee-lengthed jacket with fur is unheard of. But it was awesome.

I did fail on one front: I didn't take any pictures. Usually, I am a snap-happy weirdo, but for some reason I just didn't think about it. Too much fun, I guess. Ellen got the only picture of us together. But it's in front of the Toon Town post office and she's eating a churro, so that's like the motherlode of Disneyland photos, if you ask me. I do have one that is us on Space Mountain, which is funny now but wasn't funny then.

On the incline on Space Mountain, the train missed a link in the chain or something and did this big lurch forward. Ellen was instantly convinced that we were going to die. I decided that if I was going to die (and was sure that I wasn't), I was going to go out happy so I still screamed and laughed as we rode along (sorry, Ellen) and when we got near the picture area, I started pointing at her and saying "Look! I'm with Ellen! I'm so awesome!" Of course, it wasn't until after the ride that I saw the picture and realized she had been curled up into a ball, fretting for her life the whole time (remember: Space Mountain is a pitch black roller coaster, so I couldn't see her at all during the ride). So it's actually a very sad picture and would have been very poignant if the coaster had malfunctioned. "Oh look! How awful! This lady is terrified and her asshole friend is pointing her out, yelling 'Look what a wuss this girl is!' People can be so cruel sometimes."



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