Thursday, April 22, 2010

Everything That Rises Must Converge

Flannery O'Connor got it right with the title of her book, because DANG if the poop doesn't start hitting the fan the second you get a cool breeze!

I had such an awesometastic weekend that I honestly didn't expect it to last forever. That's the yin and yang of the universe -- all things in equal measure. So I figured that I'd get a crummy headache or lose a tooth or something. It's the penance for having a good time. I know that and I fully expect it -- and not in a pessimistic way! But in a realistic way. As Ryan once said and is endlessly teased by his friend John about "that's how it goes sometimes."

So I knew it was coming, but still you're never really as prepared as you think. I had a super extra long day, starting with a first-thing in the morning, 2-hour intensive training on a super detailed software that left my mind boggling. Then as I tried to slog through the rest of my daily workload (estimated weight: 16 tons) I got the call from the mechanic with the estimate to repair Ryan's car. It was making a tick-tick-tick noise and we were kind of hoping that it would be something like a leaf in a belt (it could happen!), but no. It needs a total engine rebuild which costs more than the car is worth. Yay!

AND! I also had to fork out a bunch of money to our HOA because my brother was horsing around at the pool and accidentally broke a piece of the kid's play area equipment. I'm being repaid for this by Dear Brother, but still. I hate writing big checks!

In summation: Universe, I get it. I think we're square. Can I just have an uneventful few days, please? Your pal, Gigi

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