Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Comicon Prep

As the Phoenix Comicon draws nearer, I've been working feverishly to make some new stuff for you! To buy! At my table! Number 119! I spent my whole weekend painting up more peg people -- they are literally overtaking my entire coffee table at this point -- and I'm also working on some new dot paintings AND I've been embroidering some stuff too! So, y'know... tell a friend! To come see me! And buy stuff! At my table! Number 119!

I took a small break on Sunday to take the Kidlet to the park for a picnic with Ryan and Kate. It was sunny but cool, so everyone ran around and had fun with zero regard for the sun. Thus, we all have sunburned faces. Mea culpa! Kate brought sunscreen and I said 'no thanks' because I have awesome foresight. And a crispy red nose.

We went to Heritage Park (pics from a previous picnic with Kate) which the Kidlet loved. He's a maniac for slides and this particular playground has something like 10 different slides. It was difficult to get him to sit down for lunch because LOOK AT THE DUCKS! AND TURTLES! It must have been catchy, because just about every kid at the park was feeding their sandwich to the ducks. To the point where the ducks were like 'Eh, what's that? Bologna? Wheat bread? No thanks." and swimming further down the line to find a sandwich that they preferred. Good times to be a duck!

Alas, that was the only work break in my weekend and the upcoming week isn't looking much better! The things I do for you! To buy! At my table!

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