Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Devo's Mark Mothersbaugh!

A while back, I made a set of DEVO peg people just for funsies and they came to the attention of James Sime, who owns Isotope Comics in San Francisco. He liked them, so I sent them up his way and he was very kind about the whole exchange (even offered to trade comics!). So I was even more amazed when I got a message from James recently that he had backstage passes to the DEVO show in SF and he asked if I'd like to pass on a set to DEVO themselves. Um, YES! Of course!
So then I saw this picture on Flickr a few days later -- it's James backstage with Mark Mothersbaugh!! Oh, and Mark is holding my Devo peg people! I nearly fainted from happiness.
According to James:
"He absolutely *loved* them. Clutching them in his hands, his eyes bugging out, exclaiming 'These are SO CUTE!' I told him your website address and he said 'AAAA! PERFECT! EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE!'"
I have died and gone to Devo heaven.


Giggly said...

That is so amazing!! I love this story and this picture is the best!! Very,very fun. :) You need to to frame this and put it on your collection shelf.

Miss Bliss said...

OMG!! SERIOUSLY THIS IS TOO MUCH! First Cory Doctorow is all "Mia is my new BFF with her killer Hitchhiking Ghosts" and now freaking MARK MOTHERSBAUGH will apparently be calling you up to order more cute stuff from the woman you has cute living in her house!



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