Friday, November 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Does anyone remember these door-to-door pony picture salesmen? I don't. In fact, for years I disputed the fact that these pictures were even me. I mean, c'mon! A door-to-door pony picture salesman?!
But, alas, it is me. In fact, the face that I am making in the first photo is the face that Ryan forces me to make all the time.
When I was young (I'm about 4 or 5 in this photo), I used to "forget" how to smile. I don't know why but whenever I was told to smile, I just couldn't make my face do it. I'd do something with my mouth and teeth that I thought would be smile-like, but this is what it looked like. It was more of a squished, snarky look but to me, it was smiling.
me, allegedly



Anonymous said...

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Giggly said...

Nice comment up

These really are the cutest photos on the planet!! You should have them all framed on a special wall. :)

I love pony pics so much. Molly has one from preschool. I can't wait for the pony guy to come to Max's preschool! I never got my own pony pic. *sigh*


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