Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall of Paul

You're awesome, so you're probably already aware that Episode 3 of Fall of Paul is available on YouTube for your viewing pleasure (if you accidentally missed any of the episodes, watch them all here)... but what you may have missed is that I am (sorta) in the movie! I needlefelted a doll for the props department, which (practically) makes me a movie star!

Here's a terrible picture that I took of the doll while it was still in the process of being made. He's bald in this picture. He eventually got some reddish brown hair on top, but most of the rest stayed the same. He's a little imperfect, which is by design. He was intended to look 'handmade' which was easy to do (because he IS handmade!).

custom doll for Kate's web series

It was a fun project and it was great to be involved with the Fall of Paul team on this!

Also: keep an eye out for episode 4 in a couple of weeks... featuring the dudes from The Taint, Ryan's band, who has been writing some of the music for the show! Including Ryan as a crab. Who knew his Hollywood break-through would be as a crustacean?!

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Kate D. said...

YAY!!! You are such a super star and everyone gazed in pure wonder at the Paul Doll wondering how they heck you managed to poke a bunch of felt into a shape that actually looked like James. You are a GENIUS!!! I totally have to capture a few frames of the doll fondling cut for your portfolio. Or to get you to sign so that I can sell it on eBay as part of Mission: Coattails.


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