Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sock Zombie: The Movie

Once upon a time, Erin lost her damn mind and started sewing enough Sock Zombies to start an army. And somewhere in the height of her delusion, she made a Sock Zombie puppet. And then I bought it. And then I gave it to Kate for her birthday, because she's a puppet nerd an awesome person.

Now Kate has made a movie (!!) with the Sock Zombie puppet. It's totally awesome and the best 3 minutes you will spend all day!


Anonymous said...

You = Teh Awesome!

Thank you for the plug and the kind words! I'm SO RELIEVED people aren't all, "Wow. Well. That was... Um... Maybe you should have rethought the accent."

And thanks for my birthday present 358 days ago! See? I'm putting it to good use!

Giggly said...

"A Best" birthday present made into movie ever!!

Miss Bliss said...

Just too damn cute!


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