Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Giddy Glossary: Mother Fucker

A lot of people use "mother fucker" as an expletive, including me (I never said I was perfect, mofo!) but I want to share the comment that my mom left on the 'Sorry From' glossary post:

I have a better one.. I was always telling Mia not to cuss, that it wasn't befitting a girl. She learned a lot of stuff from her dad that should not have been repeated. Ok, so we're toodling around in the VW (before the days of real seat belts and laws) and someone throws on their brakes, then I do, too.. and Mia goes sliding to the floor. She was totally indignant when she got back up on the seat.. and looked so mad and said, "OK!! Is it alright to call that guy a MotherFucker??" :)

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