Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Giddy Glossary - Crack Pasta

There are so many weird terms that are part of my every day vocabulary and I realized lately that I've been foisting these terms on unsuspecting folks, and they're looking at me like I'm crazy. So I thought that I'd create a glossary of the stupid things I say so that a casual observer might understand that I am not mentally unstable... just loopy.

"Crack Pasta"

At Disneyland in the Plaza Pavilion restaurant there is a pasta bar. It's rigatoni pasta with your choice of marinara or alfredo-pesto sauce. I always get the pesto-alfredo which is pretty good. Pretty good. Not great. Not the best sauce you've ever had, but it's servicable. While you're eating it you think "this is pretty good" and lick the bowl clean (especially if you get the child's meal like me - shown below). Then you go about your day and don't think about it again.

But then a few days later you think of it again. And in your mind, it was the best pasta you've ever had. The creamy sauce calls to you like a siren song. You can almost taste it on your tongue. It's heavenly, it's delicious and YOU HAVE TO HAVE IT. Like, well, crack. You can avoid thinking about it for hours or even days and then it invades your dreams. And then you find yourself calling around to everyone with a Disneyland annual pass, trying to find someone anyone who's willing to make the trip with you just so you can fill your gob with more of it. If days stretch into weeks you may even find yourself making the trip to Disneyland alone just for the pasta.

Of course, when you get it, the first couple of bites are great. The rest is pretty good. Not great, but good. But you've gotten your fix and you move on... for now.

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Miss Bliss said...

This is absolute truth...beware the Crack Pasta.


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