Wednesday, June 03, 2009


There were some odd thunderstorms* late last night (technically, early this morning) that shook the house so hard that it kept me awake and when the thunder gave up, the cat took over. Although, in Ruckus's defense, he was completely freaked out about the thunder and needed me to know about it right now.

So, um, yeah. I am barely awake today and unable to put together anything cohesive. As my boyfriend, Ira Glass, once said "not enough gets said about the importance of abandoning crap" and I have to agree. So I am abandoning this crap today. I'll see y'all after a good night's sleep.

*odd because we don't usually get thunderstorms around here, least of all after a sunny June day


Giggly said...

The weather has been odd lately. Of course, I love it. :-) Scept, it's never good when you lose sleep :-(

Miss Bliss said...

Holy's been thundering all afternoon here today...then it pours rain then stops then thunder again that shakes the building...then it's stopped. Totally crazy spring weather.

Sizzle said...

It's so hot here that I can barely sleep and my cats barely move. I feel you on the fuzzy headedness.

Here's to a good night's rest!


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