Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Somehow I managed to spend my weekend doing nothing and also keeping quite busy. Perfect!

I started painting these little wooden pegs into various character tributes, like the Venture Brothers and Flight of the Conchords (I also have some more characters but I need to post the photos).

While I worked, I also played some DVDs in the background, so I watched a lot of TV - which sounds lame but was actually cool. I caught up on Party Down and watched Kate's loaner of Greg the Bunny. We also took a break and were going to see Paul Blart at the $1 movie theater (why not?) but we missed it so we ended up seeing Race to Witch Mountain which was so horrible that we left after the first 40 minutes. Super bad. Seriously, really Really REALLY bad. Instead we watched Leatherheads, which I was not at all interested to see, but was actually very cute and funny. Although I worked (painted) during most of it, so Ryan would tell me what was happening, but say "well, Jim Halpert just walked over and..." (sorry, John Krasinski). Funny that he remembered Clooney's name, though. He never said "well, Dr. Ross/Booker/Batman just walked over and..."

We also took a trip to the thrift store which was mostly fruitless except that we got to eavesdrop on an AWESOME interchange. This guy is hitting on a girl who apparently is 'volunteering' there but after a minute or two admits that she works there but it's her last day because she was only working there as community service since she's out of jail now. And he starts inching the conversation toward 'what are you doing later?' and she (oblivious) starts yakking his ear off about her church and how she's preparing for the End of Days because it's NOT years or decades away, but it's coming, like, right now. And so her church group spends all weekend preparing themselves... [think hoarding supplies, etc] and this guy is super uncomfortable now but has already committed and it's been about 10 minutes and she's still going on and on about matching tit-for-tat on bible trivia and then drops it in that she's an actress/model although she's never had any modeling work and only had offers to be in porn so far. Priceless people watching at the thrift store, y'all.

After that, we headed over to Ikea where I almost collapsed and died when I saw the office set-up of my dreams and it only costs $215. I would have bought it right then and there, but I need to clear out my current office furniture first. Ryan also got a couple of organizational things there and so he started cleaning out his office where he found $450. Some of it was our earnings from the Phoenix Comic Con that were accidentally tucked in a box of markers. BONUS! So now I am definitely getting that desk. Even if I have to pay some college kid to come and haul out the current stuff.

It was a great weekend. I ate some frozen yogurt and crafted and napped. I watched movies and sang songs. And even took the cat for a walk. I'll be hard-pressed to beat this 3 day weekend for awesomeness. Watch your back, Labor Day.

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