Tuesday, May 05, 2009

benefit auction

Last year, I had the great misfortune of telling you that one of our friends, Josh Medors, was afflicted with cancer and needed your help. The fine folks at the Hero Initiative pulled out all the stops and were able to host a fantastic fundraiser that helped Josh and his family cope with the ever-mounting medical bills.

And now it is with an even heavier heart that I ask for your help again. Josh's cancer has progressed to an untreatable level. He has, however, found some 'alternative' (meaning not western medicine) treatments that may help extend his life and will surely improve the quality of it. Like everything else in America, this treatment comes at a steep price and once again all of us comic book geeks are banding together to help a brother out.

Dave Kopecki and Andrew Mangum are hosting an eBay benefit auction starting on May 23rd, which I will be donating to (Ryan will as well), so tell your friends! There's a preview of a few items that will be sold here. And if you're not an art collector, maybe you'd just like to send a few dollars -- remember, every $1 helps! -- or use your birthday candle wish or pitch a penny in a wishing fountain. We need all the good energy we can get!

Send donations (of any size!) via PayPal to: jmedors3@columbus.rr.com
Read the full article on Comic Book Resources.

I will also be making an ongoing series of arts and crafts and I will donate 100% of the proceeds to Josh and his family. Stay tuned!


Giggly said...

I am so sorry to hear this news :-(
We will pitch in all we can!
Well thoughts and prayers for your dear friend.

Erin said...

What heartbreaking news. Can I donate some sock zombies to the auction? Email me, I'd be honored to help.


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